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Game News
Welcome to the home of Guardians Of Light - A Permafrost Everquest 2 Guild!  Formed 9-09-2005 and still going strong!

We are a Lvl 90 Casual Adult Only Guild.  We enjoy Guild grouping, Questing, Instances and Crafting. We also have "no" limits on the level of toons we recruit, all are welcome. We help new players as best we can and guide them where we can, so they can work towards a better understanding of Everquest 2, and advance their toons within the game. 

Most of all... We all like to have FUN, and understand that there is life outside of Everquest 2. 
It's up to you how you choose to play your game.
Guild News

Getting Ready for GU63!

burnhouse, Apr 16, 12 1:41 AM.
The game's next big update is hitting this Tuesday, April 17th. The nice folks at made a handy FAQ that is mostly geared towards crafters, but still applies to adventurers as well. I picked out a few of the especially useful answers.
  •  How do I get to Withered Lands? You can access the new zone by heading to the docks outside of Thurgadin. Hail the New Combine Flightmaster on the NE dock.
  • How do I get to Skyshrine? Head to the west side of the map and you'll find the path to Alivan south of the Sanctuary of tears. The flightmaster for Skyshrine is in the back part of Alivan.
  • Why can't I level past 90 adventurer? If you own the DoV expansion and have 280+ AA, then you probably forgot to fix your AA slider.
  • Why can't I spend my first prestige point? Sometimes you need to zone/reload in order to be able to spend it.
  • How do I get prestige points? Adventuring past level 90. You get 1 prestige point for every 20% of a level that you gain after level 90 (Adventurer. No prestige points for crafters.) 

Double XP for Easter Weekend!

burnhouse, Mar 30, 12 8:48 PM.
Via the EQ2 website:

Over the Easter holiday, we will have some fun Spring items for sale in the marketplace as well as some pretty big SOE holiday promotions. Everyone will get to enjoy double experience over the weekend too!

It's nice they finally gave us some notice! And remember, in order to get to level 91 you must have 280 AA on your toons so this will be a great opportunity to get those points!

St. Pat's GoL Blast!

burnhouse, Mar 4, 12 4:47 PM.
Guild party!! We will be meeting in the guild's bar (you didn't know we had a bar?!) for some games, drinking, carousing, possible brawls, and all around good fun. 

Time: 5Pac/8Est pm
Where: Guild bar next to the Arena portal
What to bring: Booze IRL, wear something green. 

GoL Grouping!

burnhouse, Aug 10, 11 2:44 AM.
Seeing as we have a nice set of level 90 characters, it's time to get to know each other and run zones! If there's a zone or quest you'd particularly like to do, make a forum post about it or send in-game mail. You are not required to group up, but you might find some new friends! Happy hunting!

Happy New Years!

Coreliana, Jan 2, 11 11:33 AM.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!!!
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